About Me

"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration"   -Ansel Adams

I believe that a passion for the subject is an essential pre-requisite for a successful photograph. If the photographer feels ambivalent about whatever is seen through the viewfinder how can they hope to have any impact on those who see the final photograph? Communicating mood and emotion are my most important motivators for making images. I've never been overly concerned with technical perfection or producing an accurate record of a subject or location. For me the heart of photography is to capture and communicate what I'm feeling, as much (if not more) than what I see at the time I release the shutter. If my photographs speak to the viewer on an emotional level then I have succeeded in my work.

I live in the lakes region of New Hampshire.

My favorite subject to photograph is landscape, in particular the sea, old architecture, and rock formations. These all will have a mood to convey and as in life these moods can shift from day to day and season to season, as does our perspective of the world we live in.

Most of my photographs were taken in New Hampshire; showing that you do not need to travel the world to see some of the most beautiful sites.

My preference is black and white because it is the first step out of reality and into emotion.

"there are no rules for good photography, there are only good photographs"    -Ansel Adams

Most photographs shown are available for sale by contacting me through my email below.